What a blend of creativity and practicality

“Working with Jeffrey was everything we had hoped for — he took all the stress out of planning and enabled us to focus on having fun throughout the process. From our first meeting, he got our son to really articulate his vision for his Bar Mitzvah, including helping him to decide on a perfect theme. Throughout every step of planning, Jeffrey brought a perfect blend of creativity and practicality to the process. He was always mindful of budget, while also thinking of creative and fun touches to add to our event. He did a great job of keeping us on schedule with our tasks without making it seem stressful. Even in the last month leading up to the Bar Mitzvah, we were able to enjoy the last minute planning because we knew that Jeffrey was handling all of the details and had a handle on everything. And on the day of the event we were able to focus on celebrating with the knowledge that Jeffrey was taking care of all details on site. We are already excited to start planning our younger son’s Bar Mitzvah knowing that we will be working with Jeffrey again!”