For those of us who work in the events industry, our adoration for gatherings stretches across the board to include virtually any and every type of event. We love watching couples, families, and even kids and teens celebrate a monumental moment in their lives surrounded by the people who know and love them. Plus, there is so much joy to be found in curating a team to bring a vision to life.

When I was first building my business years ago, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would offer planning to both couples planning weddings and families planning mitzvahs. Though each type of event is in some ways wildly different than the other, there are also plenty of ways in which they are similar – “same, same, but different” as the saying goes! So, today I thought I would share more about the details that make them similar as well as the ways in which each stands apart. Keep reading!

1. Create a Budget:

Whether a couple is beginning to plan their wedding or a family has decided to host a mitzvah for their teenager, the very first thing either needs to do is create a budget. The budget that’s decided upon will guide each and every decision made throughout the planning process, so it’s important to truly look at your finances from every angle to decide what you’re comfortable spending. Once you decide on your budget, don’t deviate from it. Although both events are special and will surely create a host of memories you will carry with you for decades, neither is worth going into debt. Create a budget that allows you to enjoy your event and have fun!

2. Decide on a Guest List:

The other main driving force in an event, whether it’s a wedding or a mitzvah, is the guest list. The larger the guest list, the more you will likely need to spend in order to create the event that’s in your mind’s eye. Plus, the size of your guest list will also help to guide plenty of other decisions, like where to host your event, what you will have on your menu and the ways in which the menu will be served, the florals, and the type of entertainment you will offer. You don’t need to nail down all of the guest list specifics in the beginning of your planning process, but it is important to have a general number in mind.

3. Uncover Your Style or Theme:

At the heart of almost every mitzvah is a theme, and working together with both the teen and his or her family to uncover what they love is one of the most fun parts of the mitzvah planning process. Virtually anything, from hobbies and interests to destinations and even color palettes, can be morphed into a mitzvah theme! The same is true for weddings. We’ll talk about where you envision hosting your wedding, the type of textures and colors that draw you in, and the overall aesthetic and feel you want your wedding to embody. The only core difference between mitzvahs and weddings is one is for a teen and the other is for adults. Otherwise, the conversations are very similar!

4. Build a Team:

Events professionals all have favorite pros they love to recommend again and again because their work is known to be excellent and their personalities are fun and kind. Planners, in particular, work with a complete variety of teams throughout the year, so we’re quick to be able to make recommendations for mitzvahs and weddings. Both events require a group that can bring your vision to life, and either should have a team that can do that well and right.

5. Be a Guest at Your Event:

An event is often planned over the course of months, and sometimes those months stretch into more than a year. With all of the time you have spent curating details, finding the best professionals, and imagining what your event will look and feel like, you should be able to enjoy your celebration as a guest! Removing stress from your shoulders and becoming the point of contact, particularly on the day of your event, is the hallmark of a great event planner. Ultimately, we want you to spend your mitzvah or wedding day lost in the fun of the moment rather than trying to piece together minute details.

Are you planning a mitzvah or wedding? What is the one moment you’re looking forward to experiencing the most at your celebration? Let me know in the comments!

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