He Was My Right & Left Hand

“I was in the midst of planning my perfect wedding. I had plenty of help from family and friends to prepare for my upcoming nuptials. However, I had overlooked a big detail. Who was going to help organize and coordinate the day of my wedding? My family and friends would all be at the ceremony. Then I thought of the perfect person to help me: Mr. Jeffrey Smith! He was my right and left hand. He helped make my dream wedding a reality. I knew I had nothing to worry about except to enjoy every moment. Jeffrey was a complete professional. He was there in times of crisis (my bouquet almost got water all over my dress until Jeffrey grabbed it), he was there to make me laugh, to organize everyone, and he was even there to drop rose petals on the floor. Jeffrey, thank you for always being where you needed to be and knowing what needed to be done. Thank you for providing me peace of mind so I could have the dream wedding I always imagined!”

Executed the Party Plans Perfectly

“The first time I worked with Jeffrey was on a dinner party for 20 people at my house. He blew me away with his classy decorating ideas, fabulous food, and his supportive demeanor.  I made the final decisions, but he made them easy to make.  And once decisions were made, he executed the party plans perfectly with full attention to detail.  On party day, we were thrown a curveball. He was going to make all the floral arrangements from flowers from our local farmer’s market.  Sadly, they didn’t have what was needed at all, but he figured a seamless way to make it all work without anyone knowing there had been a problem and the florals he made were perfect.  He and his team are professional and lovely people to work with.  I wouldn’t ask anyone else to help me with a party.”
MARY K.Party Host

Gets the Big Picture, & Yet, Attends to Every Detail

“Jeffrey planned my older daughter’s wedding. He was the perfect combination of someone who gets the big picture and yet attends to every detail, including the ones you hadn’t even considered. Jeffrey plans events and doesn’t miss a beat. He calmed my panic and gave me reassurance that the wedding would be beautiful and just what we wanted. And it was!”
MYRNA B.Mother of the Bride

So Happy & Impressed with His Planning Skills

“Jeffrey was a God-send when it came to planning our wedding. It was a destination wedding in Key West, Florida. From guest goodie bags to keeping me calm when our initial minister had a medical emergency, we definitely would not have had such a happy and relaxed ceremony and reception if he had not been involved. We were so happy and impressed with his planning skills that we used him for our baby shower two years later!”

Exceeded My Expectations

“There’s only one choice to make when it comes to celebrating life’s events, and that’s choosing Jeffrey Smith to help with the planning! He has been a part of all of our family’s special memories…bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, and holidays events. He came to the table with wonderful ideas, really listened to what we wanted, and truly exceeded our expectations!”
LAUREN M.Sister of the Bride

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